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Desiree Skye Gonzales

Desiree Skye Gonzales works as a Peer Counselor with RAMS Inc. at the PAES Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services program. Skye provides case management, group facilitation and curriculum development. Skye is on the Advisory Board for the Castro Country Club (a sober safe space for the Queer Community) and is a CAG Member for HIV Medical Research & Trials for SFDPH.  Skye volunteers with Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures where they offer outdoor trips specifically for people with HIV and AIDS. Skye also volunteers with Project S.O.L.V.E (Sharing our Lives: Voices and Experiences). Skye completed certification in Peer Specialist Mental Health and HIV/STI programs. As a Transwoman of Color, Skye also brings a valuable personal lens to this conference.